• The Royal Opera House

  • Mama Parmanand Marg,
    Mumbai 400004, Maharashtra, India
  • info@royaloperahouse.in
  • Office: +91-22-23690511 (No Ticket Booking Enquiries)
  • Box Office/Ticketing Enquiry: +91-22-23668888

Booking Information

  • The Box Office is located in the foyer of Royal Opera House Mumbai
By Phone
  • Our Office Number* is +91-22-23690511
  • Our Box Office Number is +91-22-23668888 (Ticket Booking)
  • Our lines are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday
By Email
* Office is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Practical Information

Photography & Recording

It is not allowed to film, photograph or record sound during the performance


Keep in mind that many people may be sensitive to strong smells. Please refrain from perfumes to make the visit at the Opera pleasant for allergy sufferers.

Performance Length

The length of performances can be seen on the respective production during the "Our repertoire"


At the Royal Opera House, there is complete optional upholstery. Our patrons prefer to come elegantly dressed when they visit the premises and we would like you to feel comfortably dressed too.

The Retrieved Effects

If you forgot something when you visited us, so we have hopefully taken care of it. Please contact us by phone +91-22-23690511 and we will look for. Lesson effects we save in a month. If we have not heard from you within that time, we can unfortunately not keep what you forgot.

How to book a Tickets

You can book tickets by calling us on +91-22-23668888 and also by visiting us at the box office.

Where can I Park?

Parking inside the premise is not available. Please park the vehicle at your own risk. Valet parking will be available only for those shows that have been provided with a valet service by the show organisers.