Those Were The Days- A Rom-Com Play

Drama | English | 10yrs +, 1hr 45mins

Those Were The Days- A Rom-Com Play

Those Were The Days- A Rom-Com Play

Drama | English | 10yrs +, 1hr 45mins

Produced By: Jiji Subi

Directed By: Vishaal Asrani & Sarosh Nanavaty

Art direction and Original songs by: Avantika Kampani

The play is set at the Tavern- a quaint little bar in the by lanes of Colaba, during the romantic era of the 1980’s, in the city of dreams- “Bombay”. 

On a seemingly ordinary evening, Aman is just closing up the bar, when in walks a stranger, asking for a quick drink. 

Soon Ria, Aman’s girlfriend joins them and the evening turns into a series of unbelievable events, shrouded in mystery, drama, humour and unexpected twists. 

Can a stranger, whom you have just met, change your life forever? 

As the evening draws on, Aman and Ria, sure begin to feel that way. 

If that isn’t enough, an unexpected character walks in halfway through the play, turning the whole evening upside down and inside out!

Prepare to experience an evening at the tavern filled with music, drinks, laughter and most of the all be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Interspersed with music from iconic artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Doris Day, John Denver, Maroon5, Adele and even Lady Gaga, be prepared to fall in love once again.

A romantic comedy that proves how true love stands the test of time!!! 

Or does it?

After all “There is only so much free will. The rest is destiny”