THE LITTLE MERMAID- A musical adventure

Adventure, Fantasy, Musical | English | 2yrs + |, 1hr 20mins

THE LITTLE MERMAID- A musical adventure

THE LITTLE MERMAID- A musical adventure

Adventure, Fantasy, Musical | English | 2yrs + |, 1hr 20mins

From the makers of Madagascar, Snow White, and The Jungle Book. 

Now comes a brand new musical.

The Little Mermaid.

Produced By: Jiji Subi

Directed By: Vishaal Asrani & Sarosh Nanavaty

Vishaal Asrani’s Institute of performing Arts in association with The Pioneer Drama Company (U.S.A) presents a spectacular retelling of the age-old classic “The Little Mermaid”, with LED screens, Moving sets, State of Laser lighting, award-winning music, brilliant costumes, foot tapping music, amazing dances, larger than life gigantic props and stunning backdrops.

Marina, the mermaid lives in the ocean with her father, King Neptune – The Lord of the seas, and her fishy friends Shelby – the turtle, Puffy – the Puffer fish, Trotter – the sea horse, and Stripey – the zebra fish, and Fernando the lobster.  

Marina’s only wish is to swim up to The Land Up Above and see what the world is like. Marina defies her father and secretly swims up to the beach, where she sees Prince Philip and falls head over fins in love with him. That’s when the plot thickens….

Meanwhile, in the dark depths of the ocean, the banished sea witch, Esmerelda has her eyes set on the princess to plot her revenge against King Neptune, who

married her sister Oceana instead of her!

Marina trades her voice with the sea witch for legs. There is however a condition attached… The prince must tell her he loves her before the moon rises at the weekend, or else she will be turned into a sea snake forever.

Will Esmerelda succeed in her wicked plot? Will King Neptune be able to thwart Esmerelda’s sinister plan? Will Marina ever get the Prince to tell her that he loves her? Come find out the answers to all this in Hanz Christian Andersen’s – The Little Mermaid.

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