Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs - A Broadway Musical

Broadway, Fantasy, Musical | English | 3yrs +, 1hr 20mins

Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs - A Broadway Musical

Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs - A Broadway Musical

Broadway, Fantasy, Musical | English | 3yrs +, 1hr 20mins


Sat 03 Dec 2022 - Sun 04 Dec 2022

Royal Opera House Theatre: Mumbai

₹ 400




Dia Bhandari

Mehr Varma

Anwesha Kanakiya

Samara Kapur

Hazel Sonawala

Rehaan Mulchandani

Akshaj Singh

Arnav Singh

Anaya Kapur

Dea Mashru

Avantika Kampani

Ananya Panchal

Saniya Akre

Sparsh Korde

Ziya Thakkar

Jai Shah

Devrath Shah

Aarav Gupta

Anishkaa Kapadia

Kavir Chowdhary

Aayan Nanavaty

Kyra Narain

Hrida Kothari

Tisha Khanna

Dev Agrawal

Sanjali Advani Hiranandani

Ivana Makhija

Naila Thacker

Naisha Thacker

Alaina Patel

Arth Suri

Rishika Tiwari

Akshita Tiwari

Kavya Agrawal

Tanvi Jain

Pia Mashru

Prisheeta Rajpal

Siddharth Khanna

Tarini Thaker

Gauri Khanna


Vishaal Asrani

Jiji Subi

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"Royal Opera house is a heritage building and hence there are no elevators available, for the dress circle and balcony"


Directed by Vishaal Asrani & Jiji Subi

Vishaal Asrani’s Institute of Performing Arts, in association with THE PIONEER DRAMA COMPANY USA.

The play begins in the Magical forest where, the pixies, fairies, elves, and goblins come across a little princess, Isabelle who is lost in the woods and is distraught. They offer to help her find her way home and sets out with the princess on a magical journey through the enchanted forest, where the fairy tale springs to life. The story traces the journey of Snow White from the palace of her stepmother, the evil Queen, to her life in the enchanted forest with the 7 dwarfs and finally to the time when she is united with her Prince.

With a talented cast of adult and child actors, this musical promises to take your breath away with spectacular song and dance sequences, state of the art lighting and sound effects, LED backdrops, moving sets and stunning costumes designed by top Indian and international costume designers. This amazing ZIPPY AND ZANNY retelling of the classic fairy tale with a new twist is sure to leave the audience with a beautiful message to take home with them.