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The ‘Chandramukhi’ launch at Royal Opera House in Mumbai
The ‘Chandramukhi’ launch at Royal Opera House in Mumbai
23-Mar-2022 | Source:

A 35-foot tall cut out of Amruta Khanvilkar as ‘Chandramukhi’ was unveiled at the Royal Opera House on Tuesday evening. This was at a star-studded event to unveil the new film being directed by Prasad Oak.

This was probably the first-ever Marathi film event to be held at this heritage theatre in Mumbai. Speaking about the grand launch at the Opera House, producer Akshay Bardapurkar said, “The subject deserves a grand platform and so does the Marathi film industry. The subject of our film is about tamasha culture prevalent in Maharashtra. We are keen to give this subject and the film that stature.”

Amruta Khanvilkar, who performed a song from the film at the event, said, “It was tough for me to hide the fact that I play Chandramukhi. My director Prasad Oak had done a fine job by keeping my name a secret up until the launch.” The film was shot in and around the pandemic but the makers of the film were firm about releasing the film in cinemas. Khanvilkar added, “Our patience has paid off and now cinemas are open to 100 per cent capacity.”

Ajay Atul who have composed music for ‘Chandramukhi’ were thrilled to perform at Royal Opera House. Ajay said, “It is for the first time the a performance for a Marathi film song has been held at the Royal Opera House. Very soon we will be at the Royal Albert hall, too.” Speaking about the challenges of composing lavani songs, Atul said, “There were no challenges. This music is in our blood, it courses through our veins.”

‘Chandramukhi’ also features Adinath Kothare as the male lead with Mrunmayee and Mohan Agashe playing prominent roles.