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Talat Aziz celebrated his four-decades long musical journey at The Royal Opera House
Talat Aziz celebrated his four-decades long musical journey at The Royal Opera House
19-Feb-2020 | Source:

He is an ace ghazal singer and a living legend of music. He’s one of the few singers our nation is proud to have. From oldies to the young generation to small kids, Talat Aziz’s music has found space in everyone’s heart. He is Talat Aziz. One of the country’s leading Ghazal singers whose versatility and consummate talent makes him one of the most successful vocalists in the industry today. Hailing from historic Hyderabad, he was trained in music by Ustad Samad Khan and Ustad Fayaz Ahmed of the Kirana Gharana and culminating under the aegis of none other than the illustrious Mehdi Hasan. He released his first album, an instant success in 1980, under the aegis of Jagjit Singh, which is still considered a timeless classic. His music has sound tracked a number of tele-serials and Bollywood films over the years, the most notable of which are Umrao Jaan , Bazar , Daddy to name just a few.

Talat Aziz celebrated his four-decades long musical journey & weaved music magic at The Royal Opera House, Mumbai. For the very first time he brought his unique blend of powerful vocals, poetic verses and soothing melodies in an auditorium packed with his fans, family, well wishers & friends Sanjay Khan, Zarine Khan, Ustad Rashid Khan, Madhu Chopra, Prem Kishan, Abha Singh, Shekhar, Manish Goswami and many others. The levels of exhilaration among the sea of audience peaked when Talat Aziz, started singing his classics. That was the time that the cheering crowd broke into a loud applause and a series of “wah-wahs” followed amid clapping from all corners of the auditorium.

The icing on the cake was when Ustad Rashid Khan who had specially flown in to be with Talat Aziz on this historic occasion joined him in a jugalbandi which gave the whole evening a unique dimension. The finale of the evening was a beautiful prayer song “Meri Dua hai naya saal Babur khushiyan laaega” written and composed by Talat and programmed by the upcoming composer Piyush Shankar . They were joined on stage with the talented Sanjeevani Bhelande and Amrita Chatterji. An emotional & grateful Talat Aziz said “It has been quite a journey of 40 years. I can never thank God first and Bina my wife who has been with me throughout this journey and all my fans and well wishers from all over the world.”