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Royal Opera House To Host Children's Literature Festival 'Peek A Book'
Royal Opera House To Host Children's Literature Festival 'Peek A Book'
25-Nov-2019 | Source:

The festival is built around children stories and books featuring some of the country’s best-selling children’s authors, finest professional book illustrators, designers, performance story-tellers, theatre artists, creative competitions and performances.

Peek A Book has been creating curated and stand-alone festivals and immersive literary experiences for over five years. Peek A Book 2019, in its fourth edition and it is a literature festival for children from 3 years to 14 years. It is a one-day festival that celebrates the latest books, stories and great literature for children.

The festival will revolve around children stories which will be narrated by some of the country's best-selling authors, illustrators, performance storytellers, theatre artists. There will also be creative competitions and performances. The event this year will be presented in collaboration with the Royal Opera House Mumbai using the venue's open-air spaces, lawns and the stage.

Story-telling magic

Children experience unique story-telling and story-tellers. TV personality Tara Sharma will talk of the exciting adventures of a dog detective. Prerna Bagaria of Mann Mela will take toddlers on a story walk. Peek A Book will also feature sessions to include hearing and visually impaired children with Usha Venkatraman and Siddhant Shah.

Award-winning authors
Discover unique mango-eating techniques with Natasha Sharma. Illustrator Tanvi Bhat is all set to introduce children to the most unexpected Lal Pari. Dive into a graphic novel which is full of wildlife adventures with illustrator Rohan Chakravarty and author Bijal Vachhrajani.

Most exciting workshops
Learn to be Radio Jockey with RJ Anita of Radio One. Explore the nooks and crannies of Opera House in pictures with photographer Zahra Amiruddin. Sharpen those pencils as illustrator Shamika Chaves takes doodling to a whole new level. Imagine your own robots in Pomegranate’s SciFi writing workshop.

Fun for parents too!
Parents can take a heritage walk of the opera house, get tips for reading aloud and telling stories and attend sessions with children. Or shop at our curated bazaar or grab a bite at the food court.