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Royal Opera House live-streams Ashley Lobo's Indo-Polish dance collaboration
Royal Opera House live-streams Ashley Lobo's Indo-Polish dance collaboration
19-Jun-2020 | Source:

Coronavirus fears may have seen several programs and events being postponed or even cancelled, but several of these are finding their way to reach Mumbai audiences. Take the example of an art form like dance that has found its footing online all through this time. Indian choreographer Ashley Lobo, who has continued his dance training online since the lockdown began, has also kept with his international collaborations. And recently, the Royal Opera House in Mumbai live-streamed excerpts of his Indo-Polish contemporary dance collaboration, 'The Crossing', which featured his choreography.

Hope, inspiration and magic

This collaboration explores the similarities and differences that come up during the synthesis of two cultures. Through his dance company Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT), Ashley collaborated with Warsaw-based Zawirowania Dance Theatre for it. He designed five pieces along with Polish choreographers, Karolina Kroczak and Elwira Piorun from Zawirowania, which featured Indian and Polish dancers. Audiences were also privy to his technique of Prana Paint in the piece.

Talking about the event Ashley said, "It's absolutely heartening that we can continue to bring international dance to the country even in the virtual world. It has been a rewarding synthesis of alternate dance and art. I wish that people find hope, inspiration and magic in 'The Crossing' and we hope to reach many more people despite the current scenario."